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GOPRO MAX Reframing Skate Test
GOPRO MAX Reframing Skate TestTonight I did a quick test on the GoPro Max. This was filmed in 360 5.6k at 30FPS. I used the pole that came with the GoPro Fusion. After I filmed it I opened it up on the GoPro App via an iphone. Then I reframed it with the app and saved to my phone. After that I uploaded to youtube from my phone. Sorry for the short video, longer videos coming soon! What else do you want to see filmed with the GoPro Max? Thanks for watching! If you liked this this video please HULK SMASH THE LIKE BUTTON! Leave a comment letting me know what you thought or if you have a suggestion & please share this video on your social networks. Fan mail send to: Doug Des Autels P.O. Box 941342 Simi Valley, CA 93094
Posted by: Doug Des Autels