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Traffic |  Look Right
Traffic Skateboards team hits Japan. "After watching and re-watching Hiroki’s part in Traffic’s, 'Look Left' it only seemed logical we needed to visit Japan. The spots, the vibes, it all made perfect sense, so I assembled the crew… Joining me would be Ricky Oyola, Kevin Coakley, Luke Malaney and George Haunschak. It was settled. Flights booked, accommodations reserved, passports dug up, and we were off. A quick 15 hours later we made it. Despite our disheveled appearances we all breezed right through security. Habuchin from Big Wing Distribution greeted us with beers and a big “Kampai!” We later learned this would be a regular and always welcomed occurence. Excited, we all threw our boards down when a horn honks Habuchin shouts, “Look Right!” We all jump back dodging the speeding cars. Oh yeahhh, they drive on the other side of the road, duh. Gotta remember to Look Right… Look Right? A lightbulb went off and I knew the name of our next project."—Pat Stiener Check the full article on