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Handplant The Vert Ramp - Hot Wheels Challenge Accepted
Spencer Foresman challenges skate camper Carlin Makibbin to handplant on the vert ramp in 3 tries or less. If she makes it she'll get to spin a wheel full of prizes, but there's a catch, if she can't complete the challenge, she has to cake herself in the face. Hot Wheels Challenge Accepted Woodward and Hot Wheels have teamed up on the brand new series, Challenge Accepted. In each episode, a Woodward camper is presented with a challenge. If the challenge is accepted and completed, the camper gets to spin a wheel of various prizes. If they accept and fail to complete the challenge, however, there's a catch. Look for a new episode and a new challenge every Saturday on Woodward TV. -- Go To Camp Woodward: Subscribe: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: -- Camp Woodward Playlists Woodward PA: Woodward West: Woodward Copper: Woodward Tahoe: Skateboarding: BMX: Skiing: Snowboarding: Trick Tips:
Posted by: Woodward West