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Road To Recovery Episode 4: You're Doing Too Much
Road To Recovery Episode 4: You're Doing Too Much► Subscribe to P-Rod - Filmed by Alan Hannon and Bobby Bils. Edited by: Alan Hannon ► Follow Me: Facebook: Snapchat: Twitter: Instagram: Website: Shop: ▷ About Paul: Paul Rodriguez, also known as “P-Rod” was recognized as a prodigy at the young age of 14, only two years after he started skating. His consistency, effortless style and persistence on his board led Paul to travel far from his home town of Northridge, CA to the City Streets around the world as a part of the legendary City Stars team. His passion for skating and filming with his friends led to his breakout part in Logic 6 in 2000, Street Cinema in 2001 and landed him Rookie of the Year in 2002 for his part in Tranworld’s video production “In Bloom.” He turned pro later that year. Paul bought his first skateboard at the age of 12. When he’s not skateboarding, Paul enjoys studying the lives of influential individuals, including his favorites such as Alexander the Great and Bruce Lee. Paul currently lives in Los Angeles.
Posted by: Paul Rodriguez