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7 Ways to MAKE MONEY with Youtube
7 Ways to MAKE MONEY with Youtube2nd Korean vlog! These are the 7 most common ways people make money on Youtube, and here's a glossary of this epic video (: Glossary: Intro/Context: "0" - "1:00" 7 Ways to make money: "1:01" - "1:18" Skating through Busan: "1:19" - "3:42" Trying to get taxi without speaking Korean: "3:43" - "4:12" 7 Ways to make money in detail: "4:13" - "7:29" Epic hike and skating on cliff: "7:30" - "9:41" More warning and advice on Youtube Money: "9:42" - "10:20" Telling Korean mother I have to leave: "10:21" - "11:39" Exploring and skating Hyundai Beach: "11:40" - end Everything going on over at my Instagram: INSTAGRAM: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: I use all my free music here ➡️ BUSINESS EMAIL: JOHNHILLTUBE@GMAIL.COM ALL MY SKATEBOARD GEAR: EVERYTHING I USE FOR VLOGGING: -MAIN/CANON VLOGGING CAMERA -MAIN/CANON LENS: -SONY VLOG CAMERA: -MAIN VLOGGING LENS: -MAIN VLOGGING MICROPHONE: -MAIN VLOGGING TRIPOD: -TRIPOD CONNECTOR (needed): -VLOG CAMERA FOR EVERYONE: -BEST DRONE: -GO PRO I USE:
Posted by: John Hill