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Behind The Scenes: Gavin Bottger's "Duel For Fuel"
Somewhere along the filming process, the idea to make a giant Volcom Stone for the opening of Gavin Bottger's "Duel for Fuel" part came along. Then it evolved into a giant Volcom Stone that was on fire! With an idea, exact measurements and a loose plan we drove out to the infamous Nude Bowl to construct a giant flaming Volcom Stone around it. Turns out it was Gavin’s first time there and he had no trouble figuring out the crusty old pit. While the flames were lit and Gavin in the middle of it all, it was showtime! The drone was up in the air and everyone had a camera while Gavin blasted frontside air after frontside air until the flames went out. Not a bad first time experience at the Nude Bowl! See more at Filmed by Lannie Rhoades
Posted by: Volcom