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Far'n High 2019 Finals (Aurelien Giraud, Luan Oliveira, Vincent Milou)
Far'n High 2019 Finals (Aurelien Giraud, Luan Oliveira, Vincent Milou)This years Far'n High contest was even crazier than last year. From all over the world riders came to France to compete in this now legendary contest. With top riders such as Lucas Rabelo, Angelo Caro, Vincent Milou and one man powerhouse Aurelien Giraud you almost couldn't keep track of al the bangers that went down. Results Men 1. Aurelien Giraud 2. Vincent Milou 3. Angelo Caro 4. Lucas Rabelo 5. Adrien Bulard 6. Max Berguin 7. Tiago Lopez 8. Matias Dell Olio 9. Joseph Garbaccio 10. Richard Tury 11. Noah Francisco 12. Aaron Jago Results Woman: 1. Rayssa Leal 2. Keet Oldenbeuving 3. Isabelly Avila 4. Virginia Fortes Aguas 5. Aura Bredart 6. Gabriela Mazetto 7. Marina Gabriela 8. Karen Feitosa Riders in this video: Aurelien Giraud Vincent Milou Angelo Caro Lucas Rabelo Adrien Bulard Max Berguin Bart Buikman George Poole Yoshi Tanenbaum Luiz Neto Tiago Lopez Matias Dell Olio Luan Oliveira Joseph Garbaccio Richard Tury Jared Cleland Aaron Jago Rayssa Leal Keet Oldenbeuving Isabelly Avila Virginia Fortes Aguas Aura Bredart Gabriela Mazetto Marina Gabriela Guido Stazi Host Woody Hoogendijk Film & edit Tim Koster Music: Fugent - Lupus Nocte Zombie Raiders - Wave Saver I'll Never Die (Instrumental Version) - Daniel Gunnarsson Music by Epidemic Sound (sign up for your free 30 day's subscription) Products we use: The drone we use - The camera we mostly use - The Fisheye lens we use (without vignetting) - The Fisheye lens we use (with vignetting) - On camera sound captured with the Rode Mic - Woody’s famous mic - The SD cards we use - And if you need a bag with it, it all fits in this one - Check out http://w