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The World's Best Kickflips | #NationalDoAKickflipDay
The World's Best Kickflips | #NationalDoAKickflipDaySubscribe to The Berrics 👉 In honor of Eric Koston's birthday, The Berrics has officially declared today, April 29th, inaugural "National Do a Kickflip Day." Flick through this collection of memorable kickflips through the ages, and yell "Do a Kickflip!" at someone you love today. Skaters featured: Rodney Mullen, Jackson Pilz, Frank Gerwer, Kien Liu, Eric Koston, Caswell Berry, Don Nyugen, Mark Gonzales, Diego Najera, Mike Carroll, Nick Merlino, Andrew Reynolds, Jamie Tancowny, Geoff Rowley, Peter Griffin, David Gonzalez, Brandon Westgate, Tosh Townend, Rob Dyrdek, Zack Wallin, Sunny Suljic, Jake Hayes, Kerry Getz, Ryan Sheckler, Dave Bachinsky, and Heath Kirchart. Daily Videos and more: Like The Berrics on Facebook: Follow The Berrics on Instagram: Follow The Berrics on Twitter: Follow The Berrics on Snapchat: @TheBerrics
Posted by: The Berrics