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Zaragoza 3ST.004 /// skatedeluxe & adidas Skateboarding
Zaragoza 3ST.004 /// skatedeluxe & adidas SkateboardingTo celebrate the release of the new Boost™ infused adidas 3ST.004 performance skate shoes, we took joint skatedeluxe and adidas Skateboarding riders Martin Sandberg, Ike Fromme, Amiel Kornicki, Sascha Scharf, Kevin Ozcan & Tim Janke to Zaragoza. /// Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia are the go-to cities in Spain when it comes to skateboarding. The name Zaragoza rarely comes up, although it is Spain's fifth largest city. Maybe it’s because us skateboarders prefer to stay in a familiar environment simply out of convenience? Something that’s unknown and new is by no means bad – as shown by the diversity of Zaragoza's spots and the new 3ST.004 from adidas Skateboarding. The new unconventional design, combined with the progressive Boost™ technology, was immediately appreciated by our crew. If you're open to something new, take a closer look at the adidas 3ST.004 and put Zaragoza on your bucket list for your next trip. /// Complete Story: /// View All adidas 3ST.004 shoes: /// Check Our 3ST.004 Wear Test: Film & Edit: Jon Wolf Music: Sahara All Stars of Jos - Take Your Soul //////////////////////////////////////////////////////// skatedeluxe Skate Shop: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
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