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Pizza Skateboards - Prepare The Video - Bonus Video #6 (rough cut)
Pizza Skateboards - Prepare The Video - Bonus Video #6 (rough cut)Episode 6 begins with our arrival to Madrid. We spent 2 weeks there checking off spot after spot. Chase had his heart set on the giant hubba at the university and he took what was his. Ducky and Jesse both found a ton of unique spots to get buck at, but the highlight is definitely Ducky's grind on the kink rail at the Cathedral back in Barcelona. The crowds of tourists couldn't stop Ducky from getting to work. After a hard slam, he re gained his composure and rolled away. It was nothing short of epic. This concludes our bonus video series. Hope you enjoyed. Featuring: Chase Webb Ducky Kovacs Jesse Vieira Raul Valencia Filmed by: Richard Hughes Shop: