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Darren Dyk - 270lbs Freestyle Skateboarder
Darren Dyk - 270lbs Freestyle SkateboarderHey look, I can skate too! :) So you might be wondering why I even mention my weight in the title. I'll be talking more about this in the near future, but one of my biggest goals is to work towards a life of health and wellness. A couple years ago I hit a peak weight of more than 300lbs and realized that something needed to change. So I started working on a skate video! Again, I will elaborate more in some future videos, but I'm getting back into skateboarding again in a big way with the goal of getting in shape, losing weight, and staying healthy. All good stuff! More on that soon. Skapo Instagram - @theskapo Personal Instagram - @darrendyk Slow Motion Instagram - @beyondslowmotion Big thanks to Nigel Barros for helping me film! He has an awesome channel focused on camera gear. Nigel Barros Music Song 1 "Lagoon" by J.A.K. Song 2 "Sweet Like Candy" by Uppeach Licensed via Skateboarding by Darren Dyk Shot on GH5 & Phantom MIRO LC321s
Posted by: Skapo