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Andy Roy | The Nine Club With Chris Roberts - Episode 142
Andy Roy | The Nine Club With Chris Roberts - Episode 142Andy Roy discusses growing up in Santa Cruz CA, riding for Santa Cruz Skateboards, a hellish 2 month tour with Consolidated around the US, riding for Antihero, getting addicted to drugs, life in prison, his new teeth, stealing from Deluxe, Sobriety, his new podcast RipRide and much more! LIKE and SUBSCRIBE if you back The Nine Club! Join our channel memberships! CHECK OUT OUR OTHER CHANNELS: Nine Club Highlights: 2dudes1game: Chris Roberts: SHOP: The Nine Club Store: Chris Roberts Chocolate Decks: DONATE: Channel Memberships: Patreon: LINKS WE TALKED ABOUT: Switchflip Switch Manny: Andy's YouTube Channel: Andy Roy - Sims - Second Coming - 1991: Epicly Later'd - Andy Roy: Andy Roy-A Reason For Living: Classics - Andy Roy: Andy Roy - Hai Karate: Andy Roy BPSW: andy roy Consolidated: Andy Roy - Anti Hero "Cow": Spitfire : Find Andy Roy's Tooth and WIN!: AUDIO PODCAST: Apple Podcast: Google Play: SoundCloud: iHeart Radio: Stitche
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