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FIRE vs RAIN Skateboarding (Chris Chann, Michael Davis, Blake Jossi & more)
FIRE vs RAIN Skateboarding (Chris Chann, Michael Davis, Blake Jossi & more)Foreword: I just wanna take a second to talk about Michael Davis. Mike passed away around this time last year leaving behind a young daughter and some loving family. He was a close friend of mine and much of my early days as a skate filmer were spent working with Michael on various projects. He is dearly missed and I plan on doing a video about him at some point in the future. Words are hard and I want to be sure to have the right ones to do his life justice, but just know he was an amazing human being and one of the best skateboarders to grace the northwest. This was my last project with Michael before he passed, so it has some particular significance to me. I hope you all find some inspiration from it! RIP Friend. You are loved and you are missed. Skate on. ---- What a wild project this one was! I am always one to pit elements against each other. Fire vs Rain just seemed to make so much sense! Besides being on fire, the ground was ultra slippery so the skaters had to be extra precise with their tricks. Big props to Kingston Technology for making this possible. :) Also a special thanks to Windell's skate camp for letting us use their facilities and Shireen Press from Flamebouyant as well for keeping us all safe and not burnt! My Social Stuff Faceboook: Instagram: @BeyondSlowMotion Skate Instagram: @theskapo Skaters Christopher Chann - Insta: @christopherchann Mike Davis (Rest in Peace Homie) Insta: @mikedavisssssss Gabe McCoy Insta: @gabeamccoy Blake Jossi Insta: @beejossi Merari Paz Insta: @meraripazz Music: Song: Traveler" Artist: Melano Label Monstercat iTunes Download Link: Listen on Spotify: Video Link: Shot
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