Skateboarding videos
"Perish; Sagas" by Dillan Lavallee
Glitchy visual effects and non sequitur cutscenes (á la Bronze or Matt and Gene) are set to replace 8mm stock footage of pigeons as the primary skate video asset. And as these themes take over, they’re often used lazily and poorly, making videos more annoying than enjoyable. But Perish; Sagas, a new video out of Winnepeg, Canada, does “datamoshing” justice. The skating is good (for Canadian teens) and the recurring anime clips, explosions, and experimental green screen editing actually enhance the video’s entertainment value. The special FX wasn’t just slapped on after watching one After Effects tutorial on YouTube; there’s a little more intention and skill behind the visual fuckery. Check out our interview with the filmer/editor/FX weirdo, Dillan Lavallee, here: Video by: Dillan Lavallee
Posted by: Jenkem Mag