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Poaching Skateboarding!!!
Poaching Skateboarding!!!I filmed this a bit ago. It's been raining a lot recently so we went out to the Vans Skatepark for the day. I was so hyped to skate that I forgot I was injured. I tried rolling around but was in too much pain to skate. So I decided to film some friends instead. I asked a park employee if I could film in the park. He said I couldn't film on the floor with a DSLR camera, but I could film with my iphone. He said the reason was because DSLRs "cost more" than phones, yet I told him my phone was more than my DSLR. Plus iphones implode on impact haha. So that made zero sense to me. So with that being said I went upstairs to film from above. The session was good so I ended up filming everyone "poached." Hope you guys dug this raw skateboarding, stay tuned for more videos coming soon! Thanks for watching! ► Subscribe to Doug Des Autels If you liked this this video please HULK SMASH THE LIKE BUTTON! Leave a comment letting me know what you thought or if you have a suggestion & please share this video on your social networks. Fan mail send to: Doug Des Autels P.O. Box 941342 Simi Valley, CA 93094
Posted by: Doug Des Autels