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Cooking Saag Paneer With Yaje Popson
A while ago we met up with Yaje Popson, the unofficial mayor of Tompkins Park and global avocado advocate, to learn how to cook some coconut curry (that was vegan-friendly and tasted good). Afterwards, we got some overly personal DMs asking for more cooking vids. Naturally, we forgot about it for a couple months, then we remembered and met up with Yaje again to see what else he wanted to chef up. Keeping with his Hare Krishna background, Yaje decided to make Saag Paneer. He took us to an Indian grocery store in the East Village to cop fresh vegetables and spices, then brought us to his art-filled apartment to get to business. Mark Suciu even came by to instigate an intense skate nerd debate. Peep the vid and get motivated to cook something healthy for yourself tonight. Or just pop a Hot Pocket on the George Foreman grill and settle in for a cozy night on the toilet. Your choice! Full recipe: Filmed by: Alexis Castro Edited by: Elias Parise Produced by: Alex Raspa
Posted by: Jenkem Mag