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Celebrating Chinese New Year w/ Kyota & King
Last week on Chinese New Year, we met up with two local kids who grew up not far from New York’s Chinatown but had never seen Chinese New Year first hand. So we signed them out of school early and took them to see the real deal for the first time. If you also like to keep your head up the high-priced butt of the NYC skate scene, you might know these kids, Kyota Umeki and King. They’re 15 and 14 years old, so skating around with young kids was a nice change of pace. It makes you remember the spontaneity of rolling around with your friends, hitting random non-spot spots, and yelling curse words to feel cool. Watch our multicultural urban field trip above, and if you need any 30 year-old jaded creeps to chaperone your high school function, shoot us a fax. Jenkem is for the children! FILMED BY: ALEX RASPA EDITED BY: ALEXIS CASTRO
Posted by: Jenkem Mag