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Kernside W/ Ratface, Steven Ban, Trevor McCune n' Myself - Skateboarding Bakersfield
Kernside W/ Ratface, Steven Ban, Trevor McCune n' Myself - Skateboarding BakersfieldA weeks worth of rain in Northern CA, had us loading up the truck and cramming 3 in the cab destined for parts undrenched. 4.5 hours later, we arrived at Kernside DIY. Hats off to the Bakersfield crew for building such a gem, the two quarterpipes were a new addition and Ratface wasted no time, straight out the car, to front 5-0 fakie across in the space of 5 minutes. Wish i could say that inspired to rest of us to hit it, but that things SKETCH! Lips up a few inches past the end of the deck, which likely doesn't affect things one bit, but is enough to make you think. And if your brain works like mine, thinking is the enemy of skateboarding. Dont think, just do. And its a good thing Ratface, Steven, Trevor and Carlos were there to do just that so i could enjoy a cold one on the sidelines. Enjoy! Cheers Edit by: Chris Taylor @taylorvisual Skating By: Chris Ratface Jatoft @instaskaterat Steven Ban @stevenban @stickerwallets Trevor McCune @trevor_mccune Carlos Alvarado @gnarlosshredz Joel Jutagir @metroskateboarding Music: No Future - Money 1973 Supporting underground skateboarding since 1999 - Playlist links for mobile users: Mon: Rotating feature, highlighting either a skaters full part or single trick Tuesday: SKATELINE - produced by Metro, distributed by Thrasher Magazine/ Gary Responds To Your SKATELINE Comments: Wednesday: Instablast - a compilation of the best skating we come across via our #metrogrammed hashtag on instagram Thursday: Will It Skate - slapping a set of trucks and some grip on everyday objects and putting em through their paces:
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