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The Skatepark: Concrete Dreams - Episode 02
The Skatepark: Concrete Dreams - Episode 02Episode 2: Skatepark Civics 101 – Construction of Public Skateparks Billy and Catherine, the husband and wife owners of Evergreen Skateparks, pride themselves on being skaters who build parks for the true love of skateboarding and with the passion to do it right. Coming in at the lowest bid, Evergreen is awarded the Villa Park skatepark contract, but not without some major resistance from local unions. With fall quickly turning into winter and grant completion deadlines approaching, the Evergreen crew works swiftly and efficiently despite the challenges. Episode 2 of Concrete Dreams breaks ground on the new skatepark and follows the concrete artisans as the contours and curves begin to take shape. "This series was produced with funding from the Chicago Digital Media Production Fund, a project of The Vocal Fund administered by Chicago Filmmakers." Director Nick Nummerdor Produced by Little Cabin Films Starring: Paulina Jimenez Billy Coulon Catherine Coulon Stevie “Dread” Snyder Support your local Skatepark. For more information visit - Support your local Skate Shop. Visit Motiv8 Skateshop in Villa Park IL. © Little Cabin Films Inc 2018 IG - skateparkdocumentary IG - littlecabinfilms IG - evergreenskateparks FB - FB - Executive Producers: Nick Nummerdor Andrew J. Morgan Mimi Wilcox Camera & Sound Nick Nummerdor Andrew J. Morgan Editor Mimi Wilcox Music Donny Mahlmeister Additional Talent Scott Mitchell Dillon Shea Manny Demetrius Orr Karli Craig Brian Anderson Joel Anderson Nicole Anderson Calvin Krieg Jasper Kahn Jeff Syc JoJo Jones Matt Larson Coop Larson Mark Paulson Dan Dalziel Raymond “Doc” Hensley Motiv8 Skateshop Oscar Rodriguez Darby Sutto
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