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Best Skateboarding Of 2018 - Santa Cruz Skateboards
Best Skateboarding Of 2018 - Santa Cruz SkateboardsBest Skateboarding Of 2018: A year filled with welcoming New Blood into our deep roots in skateboarding + Kevin Braun entering into the pro world. With Jake Wooten, Maurio McCoy, Henry Gartland, Justin Sommer & Fabiana Delfino leading the charge, the future is looking bright! Feat: Tom Asta, Eric Winkowski, Eric Dressen, Emmanuel Guzman, Blake Johnson, Dylan Williams, Tom Knox, Steve Alba #TilTheEnd #SantaCruzSkateboards Subscribe and Keep up with #SCTubeular!  Edited: Joe Perrin (@thekillatapes) Learn more about Santa Cruz Skateboards at: Follow Santa Cruz Skateboards on Instagram: Follow Santa Cruz on Twitter: Like Santa Cruz Skateboards on Facebook: Follow us on Snapchat:
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