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Video Check Out: Cody Jacobson
Age: 26 Home: Long Beach, California Sponsors: Vans, Element, Shake Junt, Rhythm Skateshop Am who should be pro: Cookie. Best style: Chima Ferguson. Video I can't wait to see: Baker 4. Dream Sponsor: Dickies BBQ. First skate video: 411VM issue 56. First Pro you met: Kareem Campbell. Fashion don't: Tri-colored camo pants are pretty wild looking. Recommend reading: I hardly read, just skate mags mostly. Cody is straight out of Texas, he fuckin’ rips, and he’s an awesome dude. Texas stand up!—Tyson Peterson Subscribe to TransWorld’s YouTube: Follow TWS for the latest: Daily videos, photos and more: Like TransWorld SKATEboarding on Facebook: Follow TransWorldSKATE on Instagram: Follow TransWorldSKATE Twitter: