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Skateboarding videos
Nyjah Huston Straight 8 Flatground Trick Challenge
Nyjah Huston Straight 8 Flatground Trick ChallengeNyjah thinks back to some old go-to tricks and attempts to throw them together for this weeks straight 8 challenge. With a combo of all the varial flips and all the big spins he's able to put it down on his own home turf. #FlatgroundNotFlatspots Learn more: rictawheels.com Check the Wheels! http://bit.ly/2My5uPE Film: @TheKillaTapes Follow Nyjah: @nyjah SUBSCRIBE to Ricta Wheels: http://bit.ly/RictaChannel FOLLOW Ricta Wheels on: Our site: http://rictawheels.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rictawheels/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rictawheels/ ⚡️ The leader in skateboard wheel technology ⚡️ Proven the fastest and most durable urethane in skateboarding. Designed for speed and a smooth ride.
Posted by: Ricta Wheels