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The Video Show | Silas Baxter-Neal | Perpetual Motion
In Episode 4 of The Video Show, TWS editor-in-chief, Jaime Owens sits down with Silas Baxter-Neal in his Portland abode to watch his part from Transworld video No. 25 video, Perpetual Motion (2013). From his highly memorable grind-gap-grind to his ender at Burnside, finding spots around his house or while running errands and everything in between, sit down and enjoy this classic Silas part in all of its glory. And come along with us as we check the grind-gap-grind rail with Silas, just to see how mind-blowing that thing really is. Thanks for letting us hang, Silas! Tune in next Thursday for a new episode. And don't forget to hold tight until the end to watch the full part uninterrupted.