Skateboarding videos
FEATURE - KENYA OKUNO [VHSMAG]Kenya Okuno is known for his amazing technicality. We sat down at his university campus and talked about his student life and his upcoming signature board. This video part was released in November 2011. 息を飲むようなテクニカルトリックをクールに繰り出すオッケンこと奥野健也。受験勉強に打ち勝ち入学した大学での話、待望のシグネチャーモデルの話を、学生の姿がまばらになった大学構内で訊いた。 2011年11月公開。 Filmed by Hidenori Tanaka, Pong, Marc HD Ohata Edited by Hidenori Tanaka Music by Shingo I
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