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Skateboarding videos
CCS x Adidas Hubbaberg Carnival Tour With Kevin
CCS x Adidas Hubbaberg Carnival Tour With KevinHeavy skateboarding wasn't the only thing to go down at our annual CCS Portland event last week. We also had over 30 brands come out and set up games, and activities for the PNW skateboard community. Everything from dunk tanks, to bounce castles, to money rooms were in full swing that day and we sent Kevin on a tour of all of them. Enjoy, and we will see you next year! Shop Entire CCS Site Here https://shop.ccs.com See More CCS Videos Here https://shop.ccs.com/the_catalog Sign Up For A CCS Catalog Here https://shop.ccs.com/catalog-request See Cute Puppies Here http://images6.fanpop.com/image/photos/37300000/Cute-puppies-dogs-37395739-1600-1200.jpg Follow CCS on Instagram : @CCS Follow CCS on Twitter: @CCS_SKATE Follow CCS on Facebook: Facebook.com/ccs.skate Okay, we're done here. Thanks for watching!
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