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Nike SB | I-58 Tour | Sunbelt
Nike SB | I-58 Tour | SunbeltThe skate tour formula hasn't changed much in the last 30+ years: Get the team in a van and hit the road. So that's exactly what we did. We're not trying to reinvent the wheel here, just trying to enjoy our time spent on four wheels. Alex Olson, Blake Carpenter, Yuto Horigome, Bobby Worrest, Daan van der Linden, Cyrus Bennett, Jacopo Carozzi and Stu Kirst on the road through Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas. Even Nyjah Huston and Eric Koston dropped in for a few stops. Welcome to the I-58 Tour. Film / Edit: John Wilson Song: Happiness / You Don't Want Me Artist: Wesley Bright & The Honeytones More from Nike Skateboarding Official website: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook:
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