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The Route One Interviews: Catching up with Mark Suciu Pt.1
The Route One Interviews: Catching up with Mark Suciu Pt.1Back in May we were honoured to catch up with one of our favourite interviewees to date, adidas and Habitat Skateboards pro Mark Suciu. As always Mark is never one to shy away from offering an opinion (or validating it with the most thought out reasoning) and we chatted for so long we were left with no choice but to split the interview into two parts! In this, part one, Mark discusses joining Street League, the perils of reinvention, getting back to full health and much more. Check back at the same time next week for part two which is certain to rock the skate industry even further! Written, filmed and edited by Alex Winstanley. Music: Small Colin - Mutations. Introducing Suciu ADV II courtesy of adidas Skateboarding and Justin Albert. Mark Suciu / Inspired By courtesy of RVCA. Search the Horizon courtesy of Habitat Skateboards. Mosaic courtesy of Habitat Skateboards. The End courtesy of Birdhouse Skateboards. Baker 3 courtesy of Baker Skateboards Stay Gold courtesy of Sole Tech. X Games 95 courtesy of 411VM. Tampa 2012 courtesy of The Ride Channel.
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