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Zero Skateboards - United States of Whatever Tour | Episode 2 - RAIN DEMO!
The rain demo. You might remember seeing it surface on Instagram, now get the full story and the full video from Reggie's hometown park in Columbus, Georgia. From there the crew demoes through Nashville to visit the dudes at Sixth Ave., Jamie Tancowny hops in the van, they venture to Winston-Salem, North Carolina; Virginia Beach, Virginia; and then enjoy some downtime at a lake house in South Carolina—jetskis and all. Next episode: Bam's house! About the 'United States of Whatever' Tour: Just around this time last year, the Zero team set out on an ambitious road trip in their 12-year-old, 15-passenger van—cargo trailer in tow—preparing for the longest Zero tour to date: 36 days, 29 demos/events, and nearly 10,000 miles covered. The goal was to meet up with shops, do some demos, link up with some Zero fans across the US and in between it all, stack some clips for the upcoming Zero video, Damn It All. (Note: Episode 2 was re-uploaded due to a previous error.) *Big thanks to Weedmaps for supporting this trip for the Zero team. VIDEO / Austin Ayub EDITING / @collinhpx / Austin Ayub Follow Zero on Instagram: @zeroskateboards Follow Transworld on Instagram: @transworldskate