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Route One presents 'Bourbon in Durban' Supported by Nixon
Route One presents 'Bourbon in Durban' Supported by NixonRoute One Proudly presents “Bourbon in Durban” Supported by the good guys over at Nixon. To celebrate the addition of some new additions to the Route One ranks and also to mark the start of a more active skate team we planned a good old fashioned skate vacation. We decided to push the boat a little out of this one and choose somewhere a little more excited that the classic Barcelona or euro go to. We have been working closely with the charity Skatistan and their latest school has been set up in Johannesburg. That initially planted the seed of skateboarding in South Africa. After watching a bunch of videos and doing a lot of looking into what spots and parks they had we were still a bit unsure as to whether this was going to be a fruitful skate trip or whether we were just going to come back with 0 clips and a nice tan. As soon as we mentioned SA to the Guys everyone was beyond stoked on the idea as no one had ever headed there before. As they say, the rest is history. Part 1 Focus’ on our Time spent in Johannesburg and Pretoria. Featuring Dylan Hughes, Daryl Dominguez, Sam Beckett and Jordan Thackeray. Filmed and edited by Nick Richards Special thanks to Rudi, Levi and the Chomathons, couldn't have done it without you guys!!!
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