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Livingston Skatepark - Livi Pure Fun Skate Party 2018
Livingston Skatepark - Livi Pure Fun Skate Party 2018Incredible weather, an amazing turn out and some of the heaviest skateboarding we've seen in a long, long time. All hail Stu Graham, all hail Livi. More at: https://sidewalkmag.com/skateboard-news/livingston-skatepark-livi-pure-fun-skate-party-2018.html#7hEyMDAGFXFkQkEz.97 Music by Fat Black Cats 'Conversations'. More at: https://soundcloud.com/fat-black-cats Sidewalk magazine's skateboarding channel: featuring skateboarding video parts, skateboarding tours, archive skateboarding clips, trick tips, event coverage, interviews and much more from across the world! Weekly uploads, playlists all that good stuff. Hit us up via comments if you've got something you think needs hyping! Follow us on Instagram @sidewalkmag Subscribe to the Sidewalk channel Here - http://bit.ly/1pZvFP7 Join Sidewalk on Facebook- http://sidewalkm.ag/Facebook Follow Sidewalk on Twitter- http://sidewalkm.ag/Twitter
Posted by: Sidewalk Mag