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"Do A Kickflip!" with Eric Koston - Round Deux
"Do A Kickflip!" with Eric Koston - Round DeuxSubscribe to The Berrics ๐Ÿ‘‰http://bit.ly/TheBerricsYoutube Let's face it: "Do a kickflip!" is the nicest comment we hear on the streets. But do us skaters ever comply with this request? What if it's Eric Koston yelling at you from a moving carโ€ฆ and Chase Gabor is filming you? That's rightโ€”we flipped the scriptโ€ฆ and these skaters kicked the flip. Daily Videos and more: http://theberrics.com Like The Berrics on Facebook: http://fb.com/berrics Follow The Berrics on Instagram: http://instagram.com/berrics Follow The Berrics on Twitter: http://twitter.com/berrics Follow The Berrics on Snapchat: @TheBerrics
Posted by: The Berrics