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Cooking Curry With Yaje Popson
YAJE’S MAGIC RECIPE: 1 cup of red lentils 1/2 diced red onion 1 diced sweet potato 1 diced large carrot Red pepper flakes (to taste) Whole black pepper corns (to taste) Curry powder 1 can of coconut milk Cinnamon (1 small pinch) Grated turmeric (to taste) Grated ginger (to taste) Salt (to taste) SIDE DISHES: Brown rice Kale (grilled in olive oil w/ 1/2 clove of garlic) Plantain grilled cheese sandwiches (grilled in olive oil with 1 slice of Mozarella cheese) Sliced avocado MORE INFO: https://bit.ly/2DWfTPS Filmed by: Alexis Castro Edited by: Ollie Rodgers Produced by: Alex Raspa
Posted by: Jenkem Mag