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SkateCrime Skateboards 2017 SoCal Tour Video
SkateCrime Skateboards 2017 SoCal Tour VideoAlright guys Its finally time to Drop the Skatecrime Sakteboards Tour video i Shot last Year What a Sick and Amazing trip Ripping From Frisco All the way to Diego !! Killing Everything In There Path!!! Thanks to All the dudes in the Video To many to name but all poorer there hearts out and skated super hard being one guy filming 10 dudes is not easy and this is what i got out of four days with these rippers Thank you to John and Zion forBlessing me with this amazing time and opportunity I'm truly stoked and hope you guys enjoy the video .. Please Leave a comment let me know what you thought.. Even if its bad besides the typo at the end i know about that lol!!! Subscribe if your not already turn on notifications and stay tuned for more sick content from your boys at Skatetv253 !!!
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