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Skateboarding videos
Checkout: Swiss-Brazilian vibes with Henrique Goncalves
►Check out the full story here: http://win.gs/CheckoutHenriqueGoncalves Since Henrique Goncalves is the kind of skater that loves gaps, that's exactly what he does – exploring a handful of tricks that he has on lock, down and over almost anything. The video above is a dedication to the simple. To the Ollie and the Kickflip. Straight, Frontside and Backside. We don't know where that noseblunt slipped in. _ Experience the world of Red Bull like you have never seen it before. With the best action sports clips on the web and original series, prepare for your "stoke factor" to be at an all time high. Get the FREE Red Bull TV apps for all your devices: http://win.gs/GetTheApps Watch Red Bull TV: http://win.gs/WatchRBTV See into our world: http://goo.gl/J49U Subscribe to Red Bull on Youtube: http://win.gs/SubToRedBull Red Bull on Facebook: http://win.gs/redbullfb Red Bull on Instagram: http://win.gs/RedBullInstagram Red Bull on Twitter: http://win.gs/redbulltwitter Subscribe to the Red Bulletin: http://win.gs/TheRedBulletin Sign up for our Newsletter here: http://win.gs/RedBullNewsletter