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The BEST Ollie Of All Time!!! - Jaws, Huf, Corey Duffel, Bobby Puleo, Jeremy Wray
The BEST Ollie Of All Time!!! - Jaws, Huf, Corey Duffel, Bobby Puleo, Jeremy WrayAfter a one year hiatus, we return, with (lets call it season 2) of All Time Best - Ep. 6 ...The Ollie (...who do these guys think they are, Game Of Thrones) this one was tougher than i'd thought to call, we disregarded biggest (obvs. Aaron Jaws Homoki) right off the bat, cause thats sports shit. Skateboarding runs on style, not stats. Highest had to go as well, so here are 5 skaters with classic ollies that we feel pushed the boundaries in some way shape or form. List might surprise you, especially if you're under 20, cause you may only recognize one of these guys. Just gotta trust us, these were all the goods. Please let us know who you think has your All Time Best Ollie in the comments below. Gonna be reading and responding to em tonight. Thanks for watching! All Time Best Ollie - Metro's Top 5 5. Reese Forbes - from Eastern Exposure, 411, Element Third Eye View, Underachievers, Quicksilver Promo, Transworld 4 Wheel Drive 4. Keith Hufnagel - from FTC Penal Code, Real Since Day One, DVS Skate More, Real Skateboards Non Fiction, Real To Reel, Kicked Out Of Everywhere, TWS Interface 3. Corey Duffel - From Foundation Skateboards Cataclysmic Abyss, Thats Life, Osiris Feed The Need 2. Bobby Puleo - From Static 2, Mad Circle Five Flavors, FTC Penal Code, La Luz, 1. Jeremy Wray - From Supporting underground skateboarding since 1999 - Playlist links for mobile users: Mon: Rotating feature, highlighting either a skaters full part or single trick Tuesday: SKATELINE - produced by Metro, distributed by Thrasher Magazine/ Gary Responds To Your SKATELINE Comments: Wednesday: Instablast - a compilation of the best skating we come across via our #metrogrammed hashtag on instagram Thursday: Will I
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