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Killa Murdy Squad | Justin Caraco - Slim's Return (2001-2004)
Dug through some of my archives and finally found a copy of a part I made back in 2004 for an old friend we grew up skateboarding with, Justin Caraco. We only knew him as "Paco" though. I never knew this dude had a real name until he moved up to Oregon. I grew up watching this dude and his friends skate Murdy when I was a kid. I first moved to the neighborhood in 1993 and him and his friends were skating that park for as long as I could remember. There's a lot of untold history and a lot of unknown talent that came out of that park. Just leading up to this point in time alone we have our own untold history. We have some of the greatest memories growing up there so that's why we carry the name everywhere we go. This stuff was filmed between 2001-2004. Before he moved away he brought all the footage he could gather of his and asked me to edit him a part. I said no worries I got you. We sat down, chopped this up and had some laughs throwing in the varial flip. This is probably only a fraction of the footage this dude has. The rest is locked away and sadly, will most likely never see the light of day. Hopefully that's not true. Most of this was filmed by Beagle, a couple clips filmed by me. Enjoy this little piece of history made in a time where we knew nothing of this internet stuff...only skateboarding. Follow Us for Daily Life IG | FB | SC | Twitter | Vimeo @KillaMurdySquad Facebook Page: Edited By Brandon Sandoval (@swellbo) Filmed By Beagle (@beagleoneism) SwellBo (@swellbo) Music Madlib - Slim's Return (@lordquas) Album: Shades of Blue (
Posted by: Skatematic