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Skateboard Wheels | skatedeluxe Buyer's Guide
Skateboard Wheels | skatedeluxe Buyer's GuideThis episode of the skatedeluxe buyer’s guide teaches you all about skateboard wheels & which diameters fit your trucks best. Other parameters as shape, contact patch & durometer are to adjust to the skating you want to use them for. Check as well: https://www.skatedeluxe.com/blog/en/wiki/skateboarding/skateboard-wiki/wheels/ In the third episode of the skatedeluxe skateboard buyer’s guide, we show you the different sizes, diameters as well as the variations of durometer and shapes of skateboard wheels. To top it off, Arthur explains what flatspots are and how to avoid them. ✘ CHAPTER OVERVIEW ✘ ➊ The Right Diameter | 00:40 In this chapter, you’ll learn how the diameter of your skateboard wheels affects the feel, speed, and acceleration of your setup and the pros and cons of the different sizes. ➋ The Right Hardness | 02:11 Skateboard wheels also have different characteristics at different degrees of hardness. Hard wheels are good for slides, soft wheels have more grip. Also, the durometer has a big impact on the speed of your wheels. We‘ll also explain the different durometer scales brands use for their wheels. ➌ Standard vs. Core Wheels | 04:37 If the core of your skateboard wheels is made of plastic, we call it a core wheel. In this chapter, you’ll learn what the differences are in comparison to standard wheels and the characteristics of both constructions. ➍ Wheel Widths & Shapes | 06:20 Skateboard wheels are available in a variety of widths and shapes. Each shape has its own characteristics that influence the feel of your setup and benefit different terrains. Arthur has all the information you need here. ➎ Flat Spots | 08:17 If you do a lot of power slides, your wheels will start to show some wear on the spots you slide on; as skateboarders, we call those flat spots. Here, you’ll learn how flats pots emerge and how you can avoid them.
Posted by: Skate Deluxe