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Skateboard Trucks | skatedeluxe Buyer's Guide
Skateboard Trucks | skatedeluxe Buyer's GuideIn this episode of the skatedeluxe buyer’s guide, you’ll learn all you need to know and what to pay attention to before buying your new skateboard trucks. Check this out as well: https://www.skatedeluxe.com/blog/en/wiki/skateboarding/skateboard-wiki/trucks/ Skateboard trucks are typically constructed the same way but can differ in height, width, and material makeup. In the second episode of the skatedeluxe skateboard buyer’s guide, we show you which truck width fits which deck size. Besides that, Arthur explains how the height of a truck affects your choice of wheels, and what the major components of skateboard trucks are. ✘ CHAPTER OVERVIEW✘ ➊ Skateboard Trucks Construction | 00:40 Hanger, base plate, bushings, axle pin & more – In this chapter, you’ll learn all about the different parts and the construction of a skateboard truck. ➋ The Right Width | 01:30 Just like skateboard decks, the trucks of a skateboard can vary in width too. Therefore, the width of your skateboard trucks should correspond to the width of your deck. In this episode, you’ll learn how to find out the exact size of your new trucks and what kind of labels different brands use for their trucks. ➌ The Right Height | 03:30 The height of a skateboard truck impacts the height of your whole setup. Here, we show you what different kinds of truck sizes are available and how the choice of low or high trucks determines the right skateboard wheel size and the feel of your skateboard setup. ➍ Weight: Materials & Constructions | 06:48 Trucks are the heaviest part of your setup. In this chapter, Arthur explains how different materials like titanium, or modern constructions like a hollow kingpin can help to significantly reduce the weight of your skateboard trucks. ✘ IMPORTANT TABLES, LINKS, & MORE ✘ • Skateboard Truck Construction: https://www.skatedeluxe.com/blog/en/wiki/skateboarding/s
Posted by: Skate Deluxe