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Skateboard Decks | skatedeluxe Buyer's Guide
Skateboard Decks | skatedeluxe Buyer's GuideIn this episode of the skatedeluxe Buyer's Guide, you’ll learn you need to know before buying your first skateboard decks. Size, width, concave, shape, & more! Check this out as well: https://www.skatedeluxe.com/blog/en/wiki/skateboarding/skateboard-wiki/decks/ Are you a beginner looking for your first skateboard deck, but you don’t know what you need? Or is your current setup not right and you don’t know why? Then the first episode of the skatedeluxe Skateboard Buyer’s Guide is just what you need! We’ll teach you all we know and what to consider before you buy your new skateboard deck. With our explanations, you’ll learn what kind of width and size fits your body and your skating, what a concave is, what kind of shapes and constructions are available, and what the word “pop” is used for. ✘ CHAPTER OVERVIEW✘ ➊ The Right Width | 00:40 In this chapter, we start by adjusting the deck width with your shoe size. Then we explain what wider or thinner would cause so that you can adjust your width depending what you want to do with your skateboard and how you prefer it to react. ➋ The Right Length | 02:25 Here we link the deck length to your body height as a first approximation and then we explain what longer or shorter decks would cause, so that you can choose by yourself depending on what you'd like to enhance, knowing what you trade it for. ➌ Concave | 04:07 Most of today’s modern skateboard decks have a concave shape. It is an important factor to how the board feels under your feet so we try to give you an idea on the different types that are available and a recommendation for beginners. ➍ Shapes & Constructions | 04:53 Popsicle, old-school shape, 7-Ply, Impact Support, you name it. A skateboard deck is not always the same. We'll provide an overview of the popular shapes, constructions & technologies. ➎ Pop | 06:26 In skateboarding, the small word
Posted by: Skate Deluxe