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Skateboarding videos
PREMIERE: St. Loser's "Comb" (Send Help section)
What do you know about skateboarding in St. Louis, Missouri? If you’ve been following our site over the last few years, you might know about the St. Losers, an impressive crew of blue-collar rippers that have been unapologetic in repping their hometown despite its rusty crust. We’re proud to show off sections of their newest offering, “Comb,” which digs even deeper into that Midwest patina. Spoiler alert: the whole video is basically colored brown. Whether it’s the old, brick buildings, crud encrusted sidewalks, or rusted metal railings, “Comb” may be the most shit-colored skate video ever (which is not to say it’s shitty, quite the contrary, actually). For a place once nicknamed “Brick City,” St. Louis was bound to become a literal brown town, and “Comb” shows it off in glorious fashion. FEATURING Randy Ploesser Pat “P Franks” Franklin Marty Murawski Ryan Sublette Alex Kehoe MORE INFO: http://www.jenkemmag.com/home/2018/01/19/premiere-st-losers-comb-send-help-section/
Posted by: Jenkem Mag