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Chris Joslin | Populist: 2017
Chris Joslin | Populist: 2017Subscribe to The Berrics 👉http://bit.ly/TheBerricsYoutube Ever since Chris Joslin walked into The Berrics it seems like we can't come up with a challenge that he would deem too outlandish—he's up for jumping down anything. This year is no exception, and he also reminded us that he doesn't need rails, stairs, or gaps. He even excels when skating a simple patch of flat ground; he won the tenth BATB last summer, stomping every trick with authority. Chris's "Real Street" and "Ode to London" parts bookended the year, his first one spent as a full-time daddy. This is why Chris is in the running for this year's Populist. Do the right thing and vote. Daily Videos and more: http://theberrics.com Like The Berrics on Facebook: http://fb.com/berrics Follow The Berrics on Instagram: http://instagram.com/berrics Follow The Berrics on Twitter: http://twitter.com/berrics Follow The Berrics on Snapchat: @TheBerrics
Posted by: The Berrics