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Skateboarding videos
Chimney Rock Skatepark | Bastian Brothers | 4K 60p
Chimney Rock Skatepark | Bastian Brothers | 4K 60p4 Years!!!! I've missed all you guys! More stuff soon. A Session with Jonathan & Jason Bastian @ Chimney Rock skatepark in Houston, TX. Skaters Jason Bastian Insta - @switchguy Jonathan Bastian Insta - @jbashcrashndash Tricks in Order Jason Nollie Half Cab Switch Nosegrind Switch Impossible to 50-50 Switch Frontside 180 to 5-0 Switch Backside 180 to 5-0 Jonathan Kickflip Frontside Boardslide Kickflip Frontside Boardslide Fakie Full Cab Kickflip Lipslide Frontside Bluntslide Kickflip Fakie Shuvit Frontside Overcrook Shuvit Smith Grind Frontside Bluntslide Bigspin Treflip Lipslide Filmed by Darren Dyk on a GH5
Posted by: Skapo