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Skateboarding videos
KRUX TV // BEST OF OCTOBERA lot of goods came out of October. Aside from mass quantities of candy we have Alex Massotti and Stevie Anderson cleaning up the streets - Rail technician and operator of the smoothness Kelvin Hoefler gracing you with some crispy kicky backlippers and lastly... Johnny Law educating the children on the latest in holey trucks. Learn more about Krux Trucks at: http://kruxtrucks.com/ Follow Krux Trucks on Instagram: https://instagram.com/kruxtrucks Follow Krux Trucks on Twitter: https://twitter.com/kruxtrucks Like Kruxtrucks on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Kruxtrucks Follow us on Snapchat: https://snapchat.com/add/kruxtrucks
Posted by: Krux