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Haunted Skatecamp
Haunted SkatecampHaunted Skatecamp Deep in the misty mountains of Santa Cruz, lies an abandoned skate camp. The camp opened up in August of 1998 but was quickly shut down. Towards the end of Octobers camp, several strange and unexplainable things started happening and would later escalate into the disappearance of two Camp Counselors. One eye witness account from the October camp stated "The disappearance of the two counselors was do to paranormal activity." I tried to get a follow up with the ex-camper but they did not wanna discuss any more about the Haunted Skatecamp and strongly urged us to stay away for our own safety. But I couldn't......... Missing Camp Couslers: Josh Mattson - Casey Meyer - Please leave your comments on this videos page on my website or I will never see them, thanks.