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How to Spend $200 with Franky Villani
How to Spend $200 with Franky VillaniHanding over $200 in 1’s to any skateboarder can lead to trouble. While some might make a quick exit to hit the strip club or liquor store, Franky Villani took us out to pizza before indulging on halloween costumes and horror movies. Franky Villani is no average skateboarder... Grant Fiero from Skate Fillet spent the day with Franky to learn more about what makes this mild mannered maniac tic. Check out the full interview here http://www.dlxsf.com/news/spend-200-franky-villani/ https://www.instagram.com/frankyvillani/ https://www.instagram.com/fulton7/ https://www.instagram.com/thundertrucks/ http://www.thundertrucks.com https://www.facebook.com/thunder.trucks/ https://www.twitter.com/thundertrucks/
Posted by: Thunder Trucks