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Skateboarding videos
APPLE3 [VHSMAG]The third piece from the new generation that stacks footage with iPhone. They have connected local trains and arrived in Fukuoka, Kyushu. This is the summer of the apple kids. iPhoneを駆使してフッテージを量産するニュージェネレーションの3作目。 鈍行電車での旅ももう手慣れたもの。九州・福岡で迎えたappleの夏。 Video & Cast: Yudai Hoshino、Daiki Hoshino、Takeshi Kageyama、Rio Morishige、Kento Yoshioka、Kurobo http://www.vhsmag.com/doinit/apple3/
Posted by: VHS Mag