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Skateboarding videos
Lume Cube DIY montage
Lume Cube DIY montageLIGHTS OUT PROJECT brought to you by Lume Cube and Jp Garcia Get yourself a Lume Cube @ https://www.lumecube.com/ This DIY spot was created by a couple of our homies from the skatepark, so we set up a couple lume cubes to bring you this project. So i hope you enjoy the video!!! If you like this video let us know in the comments if you want to see more kinds of videos like these!!! This is a little off subject, the reason we havent been uploading as many videos consistently is majer skateboards is working on a full length video. So most our time has been spent putting in work in the streets and traveling!! So bare with us we owe you guys the best street video possible and we hope to deliver in a majer way!!! - jacobfilms -filmed and edited by jacobfilms
Posted by: Majer Crew