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Skateboarding videos
SKATING WITH STREET LEAGUE PROSHad a Great Sesh skating with Manny Santiago, Micky Papa, Torey Pudwill, & Vinnie Banh. Last Video: https://YouTube.com/watch?v=GvRWeZ627dk https://Erased.bigcartel.com | @ErasedXProject Manny built his skatepark in his back yard to practice for the Pro Skateboarding contest Street League. Manny's one of the most consistent skaters I've seen. It's insane how he flips into his rail tricks with such ease. Always hypes my up to skate with these dudes! Definitely sick to see so street league training in by these pros! Snapchat: luismoravids https://www.facebook.com/LuisMoraProd/ https://instagram.com/luismoravids - @LuisMoraVids Vinnie Banh: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCG0t1P17afwcH_kKswYwMnA Insta: @ErasedXProject, @LuisMoraVids, @VinnieBanh, @mannysantiago, @micky_papa, @toreypudwill, @mdmontgomery13
Posted by: Luis Mora