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Stephen "ESPO" Powers Collection
Introducing the Stephen "ESPO" Powers ANP Collection. About ESPO: Steve Powers was born and raised in Philadelphia, then moved to New York in 1994. After stints as publisher of On the Go magazine, author of the book The Art of Getting Over (1999), and full time graffiti writer as "ESPO", Powers began his studio practice in 1998. His body of work reflects a fascination with graffiti, sign painting, urban marketing and con games of all shapes and sizes. in 2004, Powers and Creative Time organized The Dreamland Artist Club, a project that revitalized a New York landmark by painting signs and rides in Coney Island. Check out the ESPO ANP Collection, available at select retailers and on RVCA.com. rvca.com/shop/espoCast: RVCA
Posted by: RVCA