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Skateboarding videos
GOPRO MOUNT FOR YOUR SKATEBOARD!Tanner at Sk8 View sent me a prototype GoPro mount to test out. Although the prototype had a slight issue and I have given them feedback on how to make it better. The next one will be solid and one piece so no chance of it splitting. Go to their site http://www.sk8view.com and sign up for their newsletter to be notified of the launch. I am excited to use it when its done. From the photos I was sent it looks amazing, lighter, stronger, and all around better. Thank you to Tanner at Sk8 View. Filmed by Erick Sandoval check out his instagram @travelinman also tell him he rocks! Also I made 2 edits of this, this one and a shorter one with just the skating clips switched - https://youtu.be/ngVWDqNza98
Posted by: Doug Des Autels